Ok all, this will be the official raffle, giveaway, auction, all the words associated with winning something for doing very little.

Official raffle number picks will be posted in the Milwaukee Saltwater Addicts page so please join us there.

This raffle will give you, awesome frugal person, the ability to win this brand spanking new light, for only 10$, or 20$, or hell 30$! Local pick up in Jackson or will ship for FREE!

The Rules:

You are purchasing the down loadable image for $10. You may purchase up 10 images. After the purchase you will be entered into a raffle for a free SB Reef light. Good luck!

Light is Brand New with a 2-year warranty

Each entry will cost 10$

A max of 10 entries per person(100$)

There will be a total of 50 entries

Purchase 5 slots or more, you will be entered into a second round raffle for a $30 coral credit!

Pick your numbers and enter them in the comments when checking out.  Please check the description below prior to picking numbers to avoid duplicates. If you pick a duplicate I will pick a number for you.

After payment for entry is complete, you will pick a number from 1 through 50 (we will comment below your number as well as tell you what numbers are available)

Use the quantity selection to add between 1-10. Maximum amount of entries is 10 per person.

Once all 50 entries have been filled we will hold the drawing using a random number generator.
We will stream that drawing live.

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